If anyone reads this...
Could you please explain why on Earth would people want Joe Jonas and Taylor Swift to get back together?
Serious question.

Hiiiiiiiiiiiiii new/old 2008 icons/userpics.

Ponder LJ
Can people see all your userpics? Cause I just uploaded a buch and they are freaking adorable :)
All Demi. I was in the mood.

Thank you, LiveJournal
Thank you, LiveJournal for reminding me that it is my birthday in two days and I need to send myself a gift.

Did I seriously just get that message in my inbox? Yes, i did.

Still on the fence about this...
Hahahaa this is so weird... I feel like I'm talking to myself, and let me tell you, I do enough of that already lol
So I've been adding some people who I figured have the same interests as me, and joined some communities, but that's it.... Maybe I should post something more meaningful to get this going.
The thing is, right now, all I want to do is take a nap.
Hey, Joe Jonas thinks naps should be mandatory, so I don't see why I shouldn't start advocating for this goal!! Therefore... nap, here I come =D

I wish I knew how LJ works...

Because really, it annoys the fuck out of me not understanding something.
How hard can it be? Another social network, right? Well, tonight I decided I'm gonna give LiveJournal the ride of its life... ok, maybe not. I can handle Twitter. Twitter is good. Twitter is my bitch. I dominate Twitter. Twitter calls me its master. Point made.

Anyway, hi. Maki here. Let's see how this goes...

For the time being, bye.


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